Entrepreneurs are subject matter experts. That’s why they know how to do the thing that is their core business, and that’s why they’re successful at it. But subject matter experts are not always good at translating what they’re good at into what their customers really need to solve their problems. I help subject matter experts become customer-ready, because customer-ready businesses are wildly successful businesses.

I believe that every business should be customer-centric, and that starts from concept development. Design your product, site or service with your customer in mind, and you will turn potential customers into rabid fans. But that starts with understanding everything about who your customers, what problems you’re solving for them, and what potential resistances you face in getting them to buy from you.

But customer-centricity does not stop with the concept. You need to market to customers in the places and ways that are already familiar to them. This is called flow marketing, and is rapidly and completely overtaking the old interruption marketing model. You also need to communicate how you solve their specific problem at the point of sale, the “what’s in it for me” concept.

Through my 20 years of experience working with companies from start-up to global Fortune 500, I have the ability to transform your knowledge and expertise into a customer-driven, wildly successful business.

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